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What Is “Moments of Life”?

Watch this video to see how hospice and palliative care make more meaningful moments possible, even when a person is facing a serious or terminal illness.



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What Is “Moments of Life”?

In May 2014, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization launched a first of its kind national public awareness campaign called Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice.

Research commissioned by NHPCO found a vast majority of people (96%) who’ve had a personal connection to hospice through a family member or friend are left with a positive impression of what hospice care can do.  However, most Americans don’t have this personal experience.  Many don’t really understand how hospice works, how it is paid for, the scope of services offered, or the level of expertise the hospice team brings to every patient. 

The goal of Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice is to educate the public about the choices we all have when facing a life-limiting illness, and how choosing hospice (or palliative care earlier in an illness) is not ‘giving up.’

The campaign is also about capturing vivid, emotionally powerful ‘moments’ on video that will hopefully shatter myths and change minds.  You will find stories from across America, from the patient, family caregiver, and hospice professional’s point of view.  And you may be surprised to see how much more ‘living’ is still possible in the last chapter of life.

So far, the campaign’s messages have been shared with tens of millions of people through television public service announcements, digital and mobile advertising, press coverage, social media and via this website.  Please take some time to explore, to see all the ways hospice and palliative care teams make more meaningful moments possible.

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