Kayla's Cooking Lessons

A 15 year old living with a brain tumor was asked if there was anything new she wanted to learn or do. 

WHV Vet-to-Vet Volunteer program

A video that highlights the many facets of the We Honor Veterans program, including hospice partnerships and veteran-to-veteran volunteering.

Don’s Honor Flight

With the help of hospice, this World War II veteran took a cross-country journey just hours before he died.

Mr. Gregg: the Life of the Party

Mr. Gregg experiences happiness and peace through music therapy.

Lyle’s Hawaiian Dream

Lyle wanted to see and experience the beauty of Hawaii…Dream Foundation and palliative care made it happen.

Un Baile Para Gloria

El hospicio de Gloria organizó una celebración muy especial en honor a su vida, su amor por Colorado y su gran riqueza cultural.

A Dance for Gloria

Gloria’s hospice organized a very special celebration to honor her life and love of Colorado and its vast cultural richness.

To Joey, With Love

In theaters September 20 and October 6

Music Puts the Life Back in Me

LeRoy is an incredible man, Army ‪‎veteran, retired New York City transit employee, ‪jazz aficionado, Harlem ‎icon, talented tapper and MJHS Hospice patient.

Grief Through A Child’s Eyes

Kids have to say goodbye to loved one, too. Going to 'grief camp' helps them find a way.

Grandma Luk’s Journey

See how hospice helped bring this matriarch home.

Finishing Strong

Bryan was a former NFL player who chose hospice to  help him finish strong.


Grandma Luk's Journey in Chinese

A Chance to Fly Again

A community comes together to make this hospice patient’s dream come true. 

One More Dance

Dennis was dying of lung cancer.  Hospice helped him have one more dance with his little girl.

Cuidados de Hospice

Cuidado compasivo y apoyo para usted o un miembro de la familia que viven con una enfermedad grave . No estas solo. Hospice proporciona atención y apoyo a los pacientes y sus familiares. Aprende más.Cuidado compasivo y apoyo para usted o un miembro de la familia que viven con una enfermedad grave . No estas solo. Hospice proporciona atención y apoyo a los pacientes y sus familiares. Aprende más.

Pet Peace of Mind

Keeping hospice patients and their beloved pets together.

A Program for the Love of Pets

Pet Peace of Mind provided vital care to Sharon’s beloved Yorkshire Terriers, Shelby and Yogi.  

Deadra’s Story

Palliative care helps Deadra write a new chapter of joy in her life’s story.

The Greatest Gift

Santa and his elves made an early stop in Virginia this year.

Nikita’s Mission

Nikita is a four-legged messenger of joy.  See what happens when she shows up at a Veteran’s door.

Supporting the Work of NHF and Moments of Life

Let’s Talk Live 

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Willie’s Family Picnic

93-year-old Willie Campbell was there for a six-generation family celebration; hospice helped make it happen.

Make a Donation

Your gift will help us continue to educate the public about hospice and make more Moments of Life possible.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is specialized type of care for those facing a life-limiting illness, their families and their caregivers.

  • Hospice care addresses the patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.
  • Hospice care also helps the patient’s family caregivers.
  • Hospice care takes place in the patient’s home or in a home-like setting.
  • Hospice care concentrates on managing a patient’s pain and other symptoms so that the patient may live as comfortable as possible and make the most of the time that remains.
  • Hospice care believes the quality of life to be as important as length of life

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Lauren Hill talks about Hospice Care

Lauren Hill, a 19-year-old college basketball player, leans on hospice to help her reach a very big goal.

Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice

Spread Awareness

Public Service Announcement

Care, Support & ALS

Caregivers to people with serious illnesses may suffer, too; hospice can help.

Value of Hospice Care - Home & Family

Hallmark Channel

Media Coverage

Hannabelle's Wonderful Life

Hannabelle is celebrating one more Christmas at home, thanks to the help of hospice.

Find a Hospice

Baby Amanda

Amanda's parents got the diagnosis before she born. Hospice helps them celebrate every moment they have.

One Last Luau

George was surrounded by his two greatest loves-family and the Aloha spirit- one more time.

The Gift of Volunteering

Mercedes is a hospice volunteer who gives the gift of time to patients with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. 

Guest of Honor

Deneen wanted to see her son get married. Hospice helped bring the wedding to her.

What Are My Options?

The "What Are My Options?" interactive tool is designed to provide information that may help guide your healthcare choices if you or a loved one are facing a serious illness... especially if that illness is getting worse. In less than 60 seconds, you'll have important answers to help guide your decisions.

Stanley’s Special Visit

Hospice helped create a special day for Stanley and his wife... that brought them back in time.

Carmin’s Light & Love

Carmin’s spiritual journey continues despite a terminal diagnosis.

What is Palliative Care?

Sometimes referred to as “comfort care”, palliative care is a specialized approach to the treatment of patients with a serious or life-threatening illness.

The goal of palliative care is to provide relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness. It is also designed to improve the quality of life of both the patient and the patient’s family. 

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Grief & Loss

What is Grief?

Everybody grieves – it’s a natural part of living. We grieve when we experience a loss in our lives.

Most people are familiar with the grief that comes when someone we care about dies.  But that’s not the only time we experience grief.  The end of a relationship, the loss of a job, moving from a place we love… these are just some of the life events that can trigger grief.

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Hannabelle's Special Day

Huff Post IMPACT

Media Coverage

Labor of Love

Hospice joins forces with Habitat for Humanity to promote healing for those who need it most.

Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning is making decisions about the care you would want to receive if you become unable to speak for yourself. These are your decisions to make, regardless of what you choose for your care, and the decisions are based on your personal values, preferences, and discussions with your loved ones.

If you are in an accident or have an illness that leaves you unable to talk about your wishes, who will speak for you? You can tell your family, friends and healthcare providers what your wishes and personal beliefs are about continuing or withdrawing medical treatments at the end of life.

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A Concert for Arthur

Arthur loved the opera. Hospice made one more performance possible.

The Adirondack Fiddler

Dale, an award winning fiddler, knew he wasn't going to get any better. Hospice helped him make more music.

Support Groups

Hospices around the United States offer support and counseling to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, even if their loved one did not receive hospice care.  This video will take you inside a grief support group facilitated by Delaware Hospice.  This video features the testimonies of real people who have benefited from various support groups offered by that hospice organization

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Anita Brikman’s Live on Lakeside Interview

NHPCO’s Senior Vice President of Communications, Anita Brikman appeared on WKYC’s Live on Lakeside to discuss common misconceptions surrounding hospice care in the U.S.

Media Coverage

Moments of Grace

Robert was a teacher who helped put fears about hospice care... to rest.


Caregivers are people who assist others who need help. Caring for a family member or friend in not easy, nor is it something most of us are prepared to do. It doesn’t matter how many hours per week are spent providing support, being a family caregiver is hard work.

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Choosing a Hospice

There may be one hospice organization or several in your community.  It is important to find out about the services that each hospice offers.  If there are several hospices that serve your area, you may want to speak with some of them and/or ask your health care provider if they have recommendations for selecting a hospice.

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has developed some questions to help identify factors that may be important to you and your family when selecting a hospice. 

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Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved and support hospice care. They include making donations to this campaign, volunteering your time in your local hospice, joining the more than 60,000 individuals working to advocate for hospice among our legislators, and sharing your story about the way hospice has touched your life. 

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Spread Awareness

Help Get the New Moments of Life PSA on the Air!

By helping with this effort, you will not only help increase awareness of hospice but you will get a valuable opportunity to make a professional connection with your local broadcasters and cable stations.

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