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A “Star Wars” Wish
Submitted by: Northern Illinois Hospice


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A “Star Wars” Wish

At Northern Illinois Hospice, we understand that every person’s end of life journey is different. Our expert care for our patients ensures that each patient is treated according to his or her own unique circumstances, needs, and desires. Twenty-nine year old Northern Illinois Hospice patient Kenny Markley’s wish is to view Starwars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, on the big screen.

On January 27, we made that happen! Kenny’s family and closest friends, Kenny’s Northern Illinois Hospice Case Manager and Social Worker, Respiratory Therapist from Integrated HomeCare Services, and personnel from ATS Medical Services, Inc. all watched Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens in a private screening, thanks to the kindness of AMC Machesney Park 14, and the generous transportation provided by ATS Medical Services, Inc.

Submitted by: Jolene Smith, Northern Illinois Hospice 

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