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The Baptism of Alejo “Alex” Ramirez
Submitted by: Hospice Care Plus


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The Baptism of Alejo “Alex” Ramirez

Alex was prepared as his family lifted him into the water.

When Alex Ramirez learned he had terminal cancer in 2014, he was determined not to let his prognosis stop him from living. He planned trips, celebrated birthdays and shared memories. As Alex’s condition worsened, his dying wish was to salute his grandson, a new soldier rushing home from boot camp to be at his grandfather's bedside, and then to have a full-immersion baptism with his grandson and family present. There was a flurry of activity to get everyone there and to procure a vessel large enough for the baptism--culminating in a touching, midnight baptism in a borrowed trough at our hospice inpatient facility. It was very important to Alex that his whole family, including his grandson, Jakob, be present for the baptism and he waited until the day the new soldier arrived home.  Just hours after Jakob’s arrival, Alex’s pastor and friend, Wayne Elliott, made it to the Compassionate Care Center and the moment Alex had been waiting for could now get started.

Hospice Care Plus’s chaplain, Abigale Embry, filled the baptismal vessel with warm water and thick blankets.  

His last wish was granted. Just a couple days after the baptism, Alex went to sleep and did not regain consciousness, and died a week later.

Alex’s family had peace knowing their loved Alex wasn’t in pain and he had everything he asked for, according to Alex’s granddaughter, Blue Richardson.

Submitted by : Brenna Wallhausser - Hospice Care Plus

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