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Cheered Up By Teenagers
Submitted by: Hospice of Northwest Ohio


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Cheered Up By Teenagers

Submitted by Marie Archer - Volunteer Coordinator with Hospice of Northwest Ohio

Teen volunteers from Hospice of Northwest Ohio have been visiting a 94-year-young patient for several months.  But, before they started going out to her home, the teens would send frequent hand-made “Thinking of You” and “Joke of the Week” cards to her in the mail to cheer her up.  Betty kept every card and had them on display at her kitchen table.  Every time a card was sent to her, she would send a “Thank-you” note to the teens.

Betty loved the cards so much; she asked her nurse if she could meet the teens.  In December, the teens shared a pizza party with her.  She mentioned to them that her birthday was in January, but did not know if she would be around for it.  As you can see in this picture, she certainly was around for it! Betty celebrated her 94th birthday with the teens, cake, ice cream, balloons and a beautiful afghan.  Betty claimed that this was the first birthday party and balloon that she ever had! 

Since then, the teens continue to send her cards and play Bingo with her.  Of course, Betty wins!   Our intern, Maren, has also played her sax for Betty. She is now talking about the teens coming to see her over the summer, a big change from not knowing if she would be with us for her birthday!  Betty has definitely touched the hearts of our teens, and we hope they have touched hers as well.

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