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Holiday Lights and Limos
Submitted by: 24/7 Care at Home Hospice


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Holiday Lights and Limos

Morgan, 96, of Lake Forest was one of four hospice patients offered a tour of holiday lights by limousine in Orange County as part of an inaugural program called Holiday Lights & Limos offered by 24/7 Care At Home, a hospice provider based in Westminster. At 24/7 Care at Home we believe our patients should live until the end. The joy that can be shared with the whole family for this event helps us to hold on to Christmas memories. Focusing on the event and not that this is dad's last Christmas.
Jumping in the car and touring lights at the holiday time is something that can be shared by young and old. “Boy, look at that one, gee whiz,” Morgan exclaimed at the sight of a particularly well-decorated home. At the end of the tour, Morgan was ushered back into his home for family photos to commemorate the event.

“This was more than special for me,” Morgan said.

The evening is part of our hospice service and no charge to the patient.

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