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Honoring a Sole Survivor
Submitted by: Hospice of Havasu


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Honoring a Sole Survivor

Allie Philpot was honored with a certificate of appreciation for his service, as part of the Hospice of Havasu “We Honor Veterans” program. Allie served in the Army during WW II and became a POW during his service to our country. He received multiple medals honoring his efforts to save the lives of his unit. They were the first to go ashore in Normandy and he was the only survivor from his unit. After his first tour was completed, he went home and was immediately drafted again for a second tour. He is pictured in the book “The Normandy Beaches, A Place In History.” Thank you Mr. Philpot for your service to our country. 

Submitted by: Luis Sanchez Hospice of Havasu

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