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Hospice Makes Vow Renewal Dream Come True
Submitted by: BAYADA Hospice


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Hospice Makes Vow Renewal Dream Come True

More than 32 years after being married by a Justice of the Peace, BAYADA Hospice in Brattleboro, VT's client Michael C.'s last wish was to re-marry his wife, Bernice, in a church. As devout Christians, and having met in church, this was something he desperately wanted for a long time. 

This had always been a dream of Michael’s, but he never had the funds to make it happen. He’d never even expressed his wish to his wife until it became evident that he was not going to live to celebrate their next wedding anniversary on June 22.

Extended family recently gathered at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Charlestown, NH.  BAYADA Hospice Spiritual Care chaplain Jerry Kylik performed the ceremony.  Our team reached out to friends who graciously donated all the flowers and provided a beautiful 3-tier wedding cake.  We attended the celebration, taking plenty of pictures to create an album for the family which will hopefully serve as a great legacy for them to look back on for years to come.

Bernice was as radiant as a bride could be—eyes shining, cheeks as pink as her flowers. Michael stood tall and thin, supported by their youngest son as he wobbled a bit, looking through tears at his wife. "Love isn't when you are young and everything's easy," he said. "True love is when you are sick and they're still with you, when you are poor or out of work, and they are still with you. That's love. That's my Bernice."

This renewal of vows was a most joyous occasion for the bride and groom, along with the four generations of family with them.

Submitted by Lori Bookbinder, Manager Communications, BAYADA Hospice

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