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It Takes a Team To Tango
Submitted by: The Denver Hospice


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It Takes a Team To Tango

One of December’s coldest, snowiest days was no match for the sizzling steps and strong rhythm of tango dancers at Amberwood Court Care Center. Many enjoyed the performance, but the smoldering eyes of the Champion Dancer Sports artists spoke only to one: Charlotte Dupree. And with each corte and la Cunita movement, the honoree was recalling her own dancing days.

“I took dancing lessions in 1994 after I retired and moved to Albuquerque,” Charlotte begins, pointing to the framed poster of herself and her dance partner. “We learned all the ballroom dances, but the tanto was my favorite. It’s just a thrilling step to do. The music and passion just lift you up.”

Interestingly, that’s the same word Charlotte’s daughter uses when asked about their experience with The Denver Hospice. “I don’t know how anyone navigates through all this alone,” Tanya begins. “Even getting her into Amberwood was made possible because her hospice social worker Betty kept working to make it happen.” Charlotte’s transition from her own home to the care facility had became urgent over the busy Fourth of July weekend, and an immediate change was needed. “I was totally overwhelmed,” Tanya continues. “Betty was a Godsend…remarkable…bent over backwards to help all of us through it. And they continue to care for all of us, as a family.

“This team takes care of everything,” she says. “Having a Denver Hospice nurse seeing Mom once a week, I know her health care needs and being met. Their CNA comes in three times a week, so I know someone is checking on her on days I’m not there. She’s even taking French lesion with a wonderful woman named Liz who is one of their volunteers and comes weekly. They speak French and Mom has homework. She’s turned into a wonderful friend.

“None of this would have happened without the Denver Hospice.”

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