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Mim & Joyce
Submitted by: Old Colony Hospice and Palliative Care


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Mim & Joyce

“An elderly woman is told by her oncologist that it is time to consider hospice care.  A former nurse, she thought this meant that her life was over because that was her understanding of hospice care----they come in at the very end of life, right before you die. Little did she know that her decision to make that call to Old Colony Hospice and Palliative Care would result in a life changing revelation---one that she wanted to share with everyone who will listen!

Miriam “Mim” Simmons was that patient.  Mim was feeling sick, tired and ready to die. She reluctantly made the call to Old Colony Hospice. The experienced staff introduced medications which helped to manage her pain and symptoms while keeping her alert and as active as she could be.  She loved her primary nurse, Joyce Nolan, and truly “lit up” when she walked into the room. 

Over her last few months, Mim was able to attend her high school reunion and play some games of dice with her nursing school friends.  She was able to spend quality time with her three beloved daughters and their families, a constant source of support to her. Mim said “the care that I am receiving makes me want to live.  It helps me get through the hard days and have more good days---not perfect days, but much better than they were before they came to take care of me.  Hospice is more about living than dying.”  This  is the message Mim Simmons wanted to share."

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