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More than a Few Moments
Submitted by: Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc.


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More than a Few Moments

Lorraine Howell lived the last eight months of her life at home, exactly where she wanted to be, surrounded by her loved ones and had more moments of life than she or her family could have imagined.

With the help of her amazing hospice team, Lorraine was able to have more moments of life than anyone could have imagined. She was able to feel the wind in her face from the jeep rides her grandson Matt took her on, to the relaxing times she was able to get out and soak in her daughter Missy’s hot tub. There were lunches out with her sister Claudia and trips to the creamery with her youngest grandson Billy. Days at home meant spending time with her children and friends while enjoying her favorite home cooked meals and soups, not to mention doing word search puzzles with Little Billy. Lorraine’s quality of life was simply better with HOSPICE!

Lorraine was filled with the love of GOD and trusted HIM implicitly in life, and through her final journey home.  The blessings Lorraine felt were evident each time she experienced the extraordinary care, comfort and compassion from her hospice team.  Her Nurse, Suzanna, encouraged and offered medical guidance when she was struggling. This gave Lorraine comfort that no one else was able to offer. The spiritual connection and friendship between Brother Tom and Lorraine was a bond she treasured and valued. Their times and talks together gave Lorraine a peaceful assurance that her faith would see her through each day and that the best was yet to come. Claudine, Lorraine’s hospice aid and “angel in disguise” gave her dignity and comfort as well as providing the same to her family in the final days. Eric, the social worker, always knew what Lorraine needed and ultimately provided the WONDERFUL transport chair that enabled her to get around her home and onto her deck after she could no longer walk. Finally, Ann and Margaret, the “night crew” aided and assisted Lorraine and family through some very difficult evenings, helping them get through till the break of day.

Lorraine and her family were blessed with a quality of life that no one imagined was possible with terminal cancer. In addition to adding to Lorraine’s quality of life, this wonderful team provided the family with the knowledge, strength and support they needed to see that Lorraine was where she wanted to be for her final journey home (something that at times, they didn’t think they could do)….all made possible by hospice. 

Submitted by Janice Valentino, Hospice of Orange & Sullivan Counties, Inc.

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