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Music Puts the Life Back in Me
Submitted by: MJHS Hospice


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Music Puts the Life Back in Me

LeRoy is an incredible man, Army ‪‎veteran, retired New York City transit employee, ‪jazz aficionado, Harlem ‎icon, talented tapper and MJHS Hospice patient. He also appeared on the Maury Show many years ago. The segment is a classic.

LeRoy’s family, friends and hospice care team recently gathered in Harlem to honor him for his military service and lifetime contributions. During the celebration, wonderful stories were shared, LeRoy’s quick wit was on full display and everyone found the Maury segment very entertaining! LeRoy even tapped a little, surprising guests. Equally important is the one-on-one time LeRoy has with his music therapist. As LeRoy says at the end of this video, “music puts the life back in me.”

Submitted by: Audrey Waters MJHS Hospice 

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