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Music Therapy is Comfort
Submitted by: Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan


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Music Therapy is Comfort

Martha has vascular dementia and is under the care of hospice. Early in her disease, when Martha’s husband Dave could no longer leave her home alone, she attended Adult Day Services at Oakland Centre (a program of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan), giving Dave time to take care of errands and other business. Martha is seen here dancing with Ashley Kirksey - Activity Coordinator.

As her disease progressed and her needs increased, she transitioned into our hospice program. Now that Dave is home with Martha all the time, the support that the hospice team provides is even more important to both of them. Martha is seen here with her Hospice Social worker, Colleen VanSlambrouck, and her Hospice Music Therapist, Gretchen Ross, who is singing Martha’s favorite songs. Gretchen says that “hearing may be the last sense that remains for a dying client. That is why music therapy is so important.”

Submitted by:  Shelly M. Parkhurst

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