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One More Moment in the Sky
Submitted by: Center for Hospice Care


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One More Moment in the Sky

During a casual conversation with his hospice social worker, Treasure Valley Hospice patient Albert Washington, age 64, mentioned that he would like to go skydiving before he dies.   His care team worked together to make his dream a reality.

Al was nearly giddy when he got to the skydiving location. He struggled to put into words how significant this was. It was the most important experience on his "bucket list". As it came time for Al to crawl into the plane, all he could say was "oh Lord, it's finally going to happen" and wave his arms high. His smile was huge.

"It was a breathtaking hour. My face was tipped to the sky and I got to witness a man's daydream pop open against a blue sky and slowly soar to earth" says Karen, Al’s social worker.


After landing, Al was beyond giddy. He hugged everyone, over and over.

Albert expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and how blessings come when you don't expect them. "Everybody has a fantasy they want to live in life but they just don't do it. If I hadn't gotten sick I probably would not have done it,” he said. “It was really a thrill."

In speaking about what it meant to him he talked about the fear he had when he was first diagnosed with liver cancer and the fear he had in the first seconds as he jumped from the plane and the strength he felt when the jump was over. He went on to say "To me it meant that the strength God has given me to walk this walk is true. I can face whatever is ahead. It was like God was saying 'Don't lose faith now, you've got this.”


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