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A Quilt of Valor for Bud
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A Quilt of Valor for Bud

On March 12th, HoriSun Hospice was honored to be a part of a Quilts of Valor ceremony for one of our dear patients, Bud. Bud served in the U.S. Army – 45th Infantry Division – WWII for 511 days in combat across Sicily, Italy, France and Germany.

The 45th Infantry Division served with General George S. Patton’s U.S. 7th Army during the Sicilian campaign, and when the fighting was done, the commander had this to say about the division, “Your division is one of the best, if not the best division in the history of American arms.”

The 45th Infantry Division Liberated Dachau on April 29th, 1945. Bud was chosen to represent the “liberators” at one of the annual Nebraska State Holocaust Commemoration ceremonies held in the Rotunda in 2000. Bud’s unit in France also had to help hold up a pontoon bridge they built while standing in the river for many hours.

On March 12th, Bud was presented a Quilt of Valor from the Quilts of Valor Foundation whose mission is to cover service members and veterans touched by war. During the ceremony, Bud was honored for the time he spent serving his country. The Quilt of Valor he received was made in Fremont, Nebraska.

Additionally, Bud was pinned with an Honored Veteran pin from the Nebraska Hospice Veteran Partnership by his son, Steve.

HoriSun Hospice feels lucky to be able to get to know Bud and his family, and are humbled by his service to our nation. Thank you to Bud for your service, and for sharing your profound story with us.


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