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Transcended with Music
Submitted by: Signature Hospice, Home Health and Home Care


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Transcended with Music

I am a Certified Clinical Musician and have been volunteering my therapeutic bedside harp music for Signature Hospice of Eugene, OR for about 4 years. Playing at the bedside for people who are actively dying or not there yet, is tremendously rewarding. I have seen patients and families go from being anxious, scared and in pain to a place of deep peace. I sometimes learn nothing about who I am playing for, if they are unresponsive and alone. Other times I am given an intimate snapshot into a life for the brief time that I am there. I am given lessons in giving and receiving, kindness and love, inspiration, patience and humor. there is nothing I would rather do than provide the service and gift of my harp music to those who are ill and/or dying.

Submitted by: Karen DeBraal, Signature Hospice, Home Health and Home Care

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