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A True Counselor
Submitted by: Mary Landberg


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A True Counselor

Tom’s face tightened as he tried to fight the quiver that was gaining momentum in his chin and lips. He was trying to appear stronger than he was, for his son. Lung cancer took his fifty-eight year old wife later that day. In the last hour of her life, Tom said, “I can hold it together for her and our son, but when she dies, the dam will break.” I gently asked Tom about who in his life he can trust with his grief.

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Tom said with great tenderness, “I have a counselor I’ve been seeing regularly for the last seven years. I can talk to him for hours and he sits quietly and listens. Leo never judges me and he loves me unconditionally. He doesn’t give me any advice or try to fix me. He never puts a paw on my shoulder to console me, he stays present for as long as I need. And, he doesn’t charge me a penny.”

Mary Landberg


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