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A Veteran Tells His Story
Submitted by: Hospice of Tift Area


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A Veteran Tells His Story

Hospice of Tift Area brings you #moremoments with a WWII Veteran hospice patient sharing his firsthand story of the Battle of the Bulge with Hospice of Tift Area Volunteer, Eddie Senkbeil. Photo taken by Hospice Volunteer Jennifer Lumsden.

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Volunteers: The Heart of Hospice

Volunteers are a vital resource in providing hospice care.  Without volunteers, Hospice as we know it would not exist.  After receiving intensive training, volunteers provide non-medical services to patients and families, such as running errands, transporting patients to physician offices, reading and writing letters, respite care and friendship.  Volunteers also help the Hospice staff with bereavement support, office help, special project assistance and public relations.

(information above provided by Hospice of Tift Area)

Read more about how to become a hospice volunteer.


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