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Moments DVD

Moments DVD

Moments of Life Video Collection Now AvailableYou Help Make These Special Moments Possible! 

Did you know that millions of people across the nation have seen first-hand how hospice enables special moments and memories for patients and families? They’ve been touched by NHPCO’s  national public awareness campaign, “Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice.”

The Moments of Life campaign aims to change the way many Americans view hospice. Now you can use these incredible real-life stories to carry the message to your community that hospice is about much more than care for the dying.

This first-time DVD release features the most popular videos from 2014. The two-disc set includes two campaign PSA’s and 16 vignettes, including the What Is Moments of Life? compilation video that showcases many of the patients and families who have participated in the “Moments” campaign so far.

Use these videos in community outreach efforts, as educational tools, or as emotionally-inspiring multimedia for your next presentation.  Each video tells a different story from the patient, caregiver, or hospice team perspective.

Help us share the unique and valuable benefits of hospice and palliative care and dispel the myths and misconceptions that surround it.