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Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice

Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice

Help Get the New Moments of Life PSA on the Air!

Part of the national outreach for the Moments of Life campaign includes a second: 30 second Public Service Announcement, “Family Picnic,” that NHPCO has distributed to more than 10,000 TV and cable stations across the country. We’re asking for your help to get the PSA on the air in your community.

By helping with this effort, you will not only help increase awareness of hospice but you will get a valuable opportunity to make a professional connection with your local broadcasters and cable stations.

  1. Contact TV and Cable Stations – Call the local stations in your viewing area and ask for the contact information of the person who handles Public Service Announcements. If you already have a relationship with your local stations, you’re a step ahead. Similarly, if your organization advertises with local stations, contact your sales rep to find out how to reach the person responsible for airing PSAs. Any personal connections at local stations might be willing to help.
  2. Download our PDF – We have created a one-page that makes the pitch for airing the Moments of Life PSA. It provides key facts about hospice and explains why this PSA is valuable to viewers. The PDF gives the station personnel the necessary link to download the broadcast quality version of the PSA from the Internet.
  3. Share the PDF with Station Contacts – Share the with the appropriate contact at your local stations. You may send the PDF as an email attachment; however, if you bring it to an in-person meeting that may make a stronger impression and allow you to reinforce the importance of hospice care in your community.
  4. Follow Up in a Week – Reach out to the contact at the station a week after you send the PSA information and politely ask if they were able to successfully download the PSA. If they had any technical difficulties, please let us know here at NHPCO via

The digital version of the PSA that stations will download is specially coded so we will be able to track the amount of play it receives.

We want to remind all hospice providers that the PSA that we are asking stations to download cannot be changed or altered; for example, you cannot add your organization’s logo to the PSA. It must be broadcasted in its original form to qualify as a public service announcement, not paid advertising.

By requesting that your local stations air the PSA, the hospice community is more likely to get broadcast time across the nation and reach Americans everywhere. Your outreach efforts will make a difference.

If you have specific questions, let us know at

Thank you for all your help!