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They had asked me just to sit with her –


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They had asked me just to sit with her –
-that’s all I was required to do –
-I was this Angel Volunteer –
-just be there with her –
-her time would soon be through

Parkside Manor – room number 104
I had a name without a face - -
-  I was to be an Angel for a few hours –
just try and occupy some space - -

it sounded simple enough - -
but I couldn’t help but wonder why –
- - why is there no family with her –
-when she’s just about to die

“Rosemary is my favorite” - -
the nurse said in a quivering tone –
“I’m so glad you’re here with her now -
-she won’t be so all alone”

her eyes were fixed on Rosemary
“she’s been here a long time” –
the young nurse said –
“I’ll be here all day” –
- - - she knew what lied ahead

she sleeps so peacefully - -
- - her frail body still - beneath the quilt - -
- a stuffed monkey watching over her –
I wondered – was he feeling any guilt

there’s nothing we can do – I feel like telling
- - he and I watch – as her breathing labors - -
-I’m sure she was a very lovely lady –
-a fine Mother, Daughter and neighbor

a calendar on the wall - -
- makes me realize
that our life is broken into stages
- - and “oh” how fast –
- - - we seem to turn the pages

a blank screen on a television –
- - Rosemary’s reflection is what I see –
- - I wondered -  when she passes - -
- that image - -  “will I still be able to see” –

the hum of the oxygen is constant –
- supplying air for her to breathe –
- - like being in your mother’s womb –
- - - until it is time to leave

Rosemary will soon embark on a new life –
-no machines needed to keep her alive
-a place called Heaven is near –
-where life in never ending – and
- all God’s creatures forever thrive

patients meander up and down the hall –
- - going about their everyday routine - -
suddenly I grasp - what a normal thing dying is - -
- - - in life’s ongoing theme

Rosemary will pass away - -
- her room will not be vacant long - -
- someone new will swiftly take her place –
-the nurses seem so strong

dying is just a normal part of life
- - there’s nothing we should fear
- embrace every day as if it’s your last
hold tight - to those you love so dear

a Crossword Puzzle passes my time
- as I wait for her to drift away
I fill each box with a letter –
- and I can’t help but think
what if each square -  resembles a certain day

.I hope Rosemary completed her puzzle –
- didn’t leave any empty blanks –
got to do everything that she wanted
- - and received all her proper thanks

as the sun comes up –
- and it is nearly time for me to go
-my Angel duty nearly complete –
-I pause - as I head towards the open door - -

I touch her lightly and say my “good bye”
- I’ll never see Rosemary again –
- - I hope I was a good Angel for her
-  - for me – a blessed lesson it had been - -

the monkey’s “button eyes” follow me - -
as I turn to leave the room
-as if to say “thank you” – “have a good life”-
-the real Angel will be here soon  
                   Gary Blackmore

Submitted by: Dale Willis, Hospice Compassus                                                                                

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