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Winning Quotes for NHPCO’s National Volunteer Week Social Media Campaign


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Winning Quotes for NHPCO’s National Volunteer Week Social Media Campaign

In honor of National Volunteer week, NHPCO held an online social media campaign, Celebrating Hospice Volunteers Online. This campaign allowed anyone to submit a quote about hospice volunteering via NHPCO’s Facebook page. NHPCO is thrilled in the participation this campaign received online. We received dozens of submissions via Facebook and even more via direct email or via the Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice website.

How Winners Were Chosen

We would like every participant to know that voting was very close and there were several ties. We wish we could feature every quote and a full participant list can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Top 5 Quotes About Hospice Volunteering from 2015

Below are the top 5 most liked quotes about volunteering we received. The quotes are not in any order. Be sure to click the link below each quote to see original artwork created by NHPCO.

  1. “We cannot change the outcome, but we can affect the journey”  - Ann Richardson.
  2. “Volunteers comfort with their presence. One does not need to know all the right words to say but the ability to just be present.” - Gina Davis
  3. "What makes hospice volunteering so important is that it gives both volunteers from the community and a professional hospice to build a connection for providing end of life care. This connection builds trust to receive heart to heart caring and healing for the whole person, family and friends, available locally and at a time when it is needed most."  - Bill Probstifield, Heart of Hospice, Heart-to-Heart Volunteer
  4. I chose to be a hospice volunteer because I believe that all people should have caring touch to the very end of their lives.I admire hospice volunteers because they are giving back, not taking and are willing and able to be with patients and families at this challenging time in life's journey.” - Peter Frothingham, Heart of Hospice, Heart-to-Heart Volunteer
  5. “Our volunteers are the most dedicated, compassionate people I have ever met! They are the perfect example of the love and kindness that exist in the world.” - Tammy Hawbaker

NHPCO Says “Thank You” to All Participants!

NHPCO would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated by either voting or submitting a quote in this year’s Volunteer Week. Below is a full list of individuals or groups who submitted a quote or left us a comment on Facebook (NOT including individuals/groups who “liked” or “shared” a post):

  • Ann Marie Sebastian
  • Paul Moran
  • Ann Richardson
  • Michael Corrigan
  • Brett Tramposh
  • Don Hessemer
  • Demetress Harrell
  • Shelby Zee Jackson
  • Gina Davis
  • Alicia Lei
  • This Is What I Want
  • Denise Ingalsbe
  • Stefani Hill
  • Vicki Loveland
  • Brynn Foulds
  • All Care VNA & Hospice
  • Jason C Wood
  • Lee Regan
  • Patrick Cash
  • Kelli McKee
  • Maureen Fox
  • Maureen Tinklepaugh
  • Debbie Sis
  • Karissa Schelling
  • Michelle Tremont
  • Susan Hutchinson Webster
  • Jan Kirk
  • Heather Shanks
  • Chris Skopal
  • Tammy Hawbaker
  • Melinda Cotter Shugrue
  • Criss Stevers East
  • Michael Corrigan
  • Faustino Agustin Gonzalez
  • Keith W Berry
  • Bill Probstifield
  • Heart of Hospice Foundation
  • Peter Frothingham
  • Heritage Hospice
  • Linda Brown
  • Charity Leonette
  • Karen Stewart-Ecker
  • Henry ( Hank ) Brown
  • Linda Brown
  • Marta Chavez
  • Kelsey Collins
  • Kim Rhude

More to Come in 2015!

NHPCO and the Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice campaign has more events planned for 2015 and we hope everyone decides to participate. Thank you for your supporting Moments of Life and the hospice & palliative care community.

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