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Guest of Honor

Deneen wanted to see her son get married. Hospice helped bring the wedding to her.



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Guest of Honor

Deneen Fendig lived with breast cancer for 12 years.   In January of 2013, it became evident that she was losing her battle against the disease.   She and her family, including her two sons, Jeff and Duncan, decided it was time for hospice and enlisted the help of Four Seasons.  Deneen’s goal in life was always to help others.  She was now facing a time where she needed help in return.

The home care team of Four Seasons visited her house in Hendersonville, North Carolina for approximately three weeks.   In February of 2013, Deneen was admitted to the inpatient facility for Four Seasons, the Elizabeth House. 

Jeff Trussell and his fiancée, Jennifer, were in the midst of planning their wedding when Deneen entered hospice.  They soon realized Deneen might not be there to witness one of the most important moments in a mother’s life.  Jeff expressed his concerns to the chaplain at the Elizabeth House, Jane McKown.  That’s when the hospice team pulled together to make Jeff and Jennifer’s wedding happen, in Deneen’s hospice room.

Everyone knew that Deneen’s condition was deteriorating and that the ceremony had to be planned in a matter of days.  Guests were invited.  The entire staff rallied to arrange for flowers, a wedding cake and music.  Jeff and Jennifer went to the local mall to buy their wedding attire the night before.  

Deneen’s room was transformed into an intimate chapel.   Guests gathered, music played and vows were exchanged.  Wearing a corsage as the mother of the groom, Deneen played an integral part.

On April 2, 2013, Deneen Fendig died at the age of 65.   

Jeff is grateful to all the staff at Four Seasons, from the volunteers to the medical professionals who helped care for his mother and make the wedding happen.  As an editor and motion graphics artist, he created this video.

Jeff and Jennifer have a memory that they will hold close for the rest of their lives.  And their family’s legacy continues….Deneen’s grandson, Silas, was born in December of 2013.  

To learn more about Four Seasons, click here.

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